History: The Association in the Early Days

Reprinted from the March 1947 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

History: The Association in the Early Days

History: The Association in the Early Days
By R. G. Mathews, Everett, Washington

‘It was in the Fall of 1896 that Stockmen from all over what is known as southern Alberta, but which at that time was the SW Corner of the North west Territory, gathered together in the old Town of Macleod, with the result that the Western Stock Growers’ Association was organized. The majority of the early members hailed from the South although there were a few from the Red Deer country, and one or two from the Maple Creek District. D. W. Marsh of Calgary was the first President and the writer of this little sketch was the first secretary… Very few of the men who were prominent in the Association’s early affairs are with us today.’

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