History: Tom Stephenson looks back

Reprinted from the March 1947 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Cutting Timothy and Alsike clover at Fort St. James, B.C.

History: Tom Stephenson looks back
By C. Frank Steele, Lethbridge, Alta.

‘Although he’s retired these many months and living in town, Tom Stephenson gets back into range country every chance he gets. For his heart belongs to ranching and he feels at home out among the Stetson hatted boys.

The kids in South Magrath used to look at Tom in the old days and in admiration say: “Tall in the saddle – a real cowman.” They were right. Tom is both tall and he’s a real cowman, one of the few stockmen of the old school. For he rode the range when a lot of the big cattle companies were in their heyday. For half a century he’s been in the business seeing a lot of changes both in the States and in the South Alberta country.’

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