History: Weapons That Won the West – Part 3

Reprinted from the March 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

History: Weapons That Won the West – Part 3

Weapons That Won the West
By D. R. King, High River, Alta.

‘The ancient Chinese, often referred to as the fathers of gunpowder, first brought out their discovery through the use of crude cannon and firecrackers. Although the firecrackers were by far the most popular use, unending wars made the cannon useful too, at times. Even at the first they realized the need for weapons smaller than the ponderous big guns. This need resulted in the production of the “hand cannon”, which was just that, a cannon with a handle which could be aimed and fired by one man. There is no definite reference as to when the pistol came into common use in western countries, but hand and shoulder guns have advanced together through the years of improvement.’

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