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National Council of Canadian Beef Producers (Western Section)

Reprinted from the September 1947 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Beef is an essential food and the producers of beef form not only an essential part of the Canadian economy but also an integral part of the international economy.

With this as the controlling factor the Council of Canadian Beef Producers was initiated, being composed of two sections:

Eastern section — comprising representation from the provinces of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes;

Western section — with representation from the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan (and it is hoped Manitoba will soon affiliate).

The western section deals primarily with problems affecting the industry in the western provinces and refers national matters to the top council. Some of the matters which have received the attention of the Western section are:

  1. Revision of condemnation deductions in western provinces;
  2. Income and excess profit taxes;
  3. Establishing the basic herd principle and moving average;
  4. Operation of Floor and Ceiling Policy under present market conditions;
  5. Tariff matters;
  6. Beef grades and standards;
  7. Railways’ application for increased freight rates;
  8. Beef promotion — advertising and publicity for the beef industry;
  9. Purebred cattle problems, disease control;
  10. Markets and removal of Canadian embargo of cattle shipments to United States;
  11. Labour shortages.

There are many others, but the above will indicate some of the problems in the industry which are too large for provincial organizations and require the assistance of interprovincial and national organizations.

Considerable progress has been made in the alleviation of some of the problems enumerated but a continuing effort is necessary. The council’s objective is not only to represent the beef industry in a protective capacity but to work constantly to deal with problems as they arise to improve the whole industry and the producer in the industry.

In this organization all who are concerned with the production of good beef have a vital interest. The producers (whether rancher, feeder or purebred breeder), the sales agencies (commission men, etc.) the processor (packing plants or local butcher and retailer) are all concerned with the production of a commodity and delivery of a product in a manner which will be acceptable to the consuming public and pay them a reasonable profit for their effort. The Council of Canadian Beef Producers is the medium acting primarily for the producer and will at all times work with any other branch of the industry for general improvement of the industry.

It has been said that one of the beautiful compensations in life is that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. The co-ordination of all agencies engaged in the production of good beef is a desired objective. Once we all realize that all those engaged in the industry are entitled to fair compensations for their effort and all are willing to recognize that fact as fundamental, the proper relationship from producer to consumer will have been established.

When things are moving along smoothly and everyone is making a living, it may be thought that there is little need for a beef council but that is when it should function so that it will be able to work in troubled times because it is a continuing organization and its members have acquired the art of working together. With this objective I urge all member organizations to continue their support of the western section and of the National Council of Canadian Beef Producers. I further solicit membership from any beef organization not affiliated. Kenneth Coppock of 28 Michael Building, Calgary, Alta., will be pleased to give particulars to any inquiring organization.

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