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Robert Sinton, Pt. 1

History pages reprinted from the Sept. 1947 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Robert Sinton
Z.M. Hamilton, Regina, Sask.

‘There is no figure better known to the stockmen of the wide Saskatchewan Country, or, indeed, to all sorts and conditions of people in the Prairie Region, than that of Robert Sinton. He came to Manitoba in 1878, and to the North-West Territories in 1882, when the first foundations were laid, and he has been a landmark ever since.

His tall and stalwart figure may be seen any day, winter or summer, rain or shine, striding resolutely along the streets of Regina, towering above the lesser folk, and betraying none of the infirmities of the ninety-three years that have left his body unbowed and his head unwhitened. He is like a tall, straight tree, weathered and tempered by summer suns and winter storms.’

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