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Rod Redfern: A saga of a broncho buster

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A Saga of a Broncho Buster
by Bert Sheppard, Longview, Alta.

‘Rod Redfern was the fifth boy of fourteen children – nine boys and five girls – born on October 8th, 1877. He attended school at Ironrod during the summer months. When he was twelve years old he went to help his brother, Jim, who was taking horses into pasture in a field that was used in connection as a livery stable.

When he was fourteen he worked at a mill keeping cord wood from jamming up in a flume, and at fifteen he went to work for the Bar L horse ranch at Rochester up in the Hell’s Canyon mountains. His work there was that of gathering mares to be turned into the breeding field. He had to buck his own string of horses and also ride some that had been roughed out and turned loose the year before.

It was there that he started his remarkable career as a broncho-buster.’

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