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The early days of amateur radio on the farm

History pages from the March 1948 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

man seated at an antique radio

Calling CQ – Calling CQ: Part 1
By Slim Marsden, Vulcan, Alta.

‘Now that Old Man Winter has clutched the frontiers of our Western Land with his icy fingers, and most of the outside work has been cleaned up, we wonder what line of endeavor our ranchmen and farmers fall back on during the long winter evenings when the snow sifts the buildings and everything without is cold and uninviting.

But what of those evenings when you can’t get out of the yard – when the snow is many feet deep and the trails just do not exist? You turn on the battery all-wave radio, the storm is bad, and your aerial swings in a 40 mile and hour wind. The static is terrific on the broadcast band so you turn the range switch over and try the short waves and find ten to one that there is little to no static from the storm or very little.’

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