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Manitoba Youth Beef Round-Up wraps

Purely Purebred, news from the September 2021 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

For the second year in a row, the Manitoba Youth Beef Round-Up cancelled its live cattle show and events and decided on a virtual event instead. However, with a little outward thinking and support through Direct Livestock Marketing Systems (DLMS), the committee was able to host a virtual event this year. It was a great success, with 42 juniors entered and a total of 80 livestock entries. 

The August long weekend had the juniors participating in open livestock conformation classes as well as honing their skills in public speaking, marketing, photography, graphic design and judging competitions. After learning the guidelines needed to best present their animal online, the animals were videoed in show condition and uploaded for broadcast on DLMS. The committee commended the juniors on the strong group of cattle presented.

There were many judges for the virtual event. Judges for the conformation show were Greg and Amanda Pugh of Pugh Farms, Edgerton, Alta. Bevin Hamilton of Vermilion took care of the livestock judging competition. Public speaking judges included Carson Callum, general manager of Manitoba Beef Producers, and Shannon Carvey of Alexander, Man. Rounding out the string of judges were Jessy Milne-Smith of Douglas, Man., for photography, Carson Callum for graphic design and marketing judge Jackie Cavers of LaRiviere, Man. 

Kudos to the Round-Up 2021 committee: Lois McRae and Laura Horner (co-chairs), Jake Rawluk, Rilla and Travis Hunter, Blair McRae, Andrea Bertholet, Samantha Rimke, Albert and Michelle Rimke, Jackie Cavers, Geoff Patterson, Megan Kemp, Taylor Carlson, Candace Abey, Nannette Glover, Cody Carson, Trevor Carlson and Monty Thompson.

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