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Simmental Association brings back Award of Excellence program for 2018

Purely Purebred with Mike Millar: News about you from the October 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The Canadian Simmental Association board of directors. Back row (l to r): Larry Barkley, Marlin Leblanc, Byron Johnson, Roger Deeg, Frank Robblee, and Francis Gagnon. Front row (l to r): Bruce Holmquist (CSA general manager), Blair McRae, Lee McMillen, Garth Rancier, and Barb Judd (CSA office manager).

The Canadian Simmental Association new board of directors (see above) will be meeting for the first time October 22, 2018 in Calgary, Alta. The Friends of Canadian Simmental Foundation board of directors (see below) will be meeting October 21, also in Calgary.

Friends of Canadian Simmental Foundation board of directors. Back row (l to r): Mark Shologan, Lee McMillen, Roger Deeg, Garth Rancier, and Glen Wotten. Front row (l to r): Marlin Leblanc, Brian Bouchard, Ken Lewis, and Deanne Young. Missing: Ron Nolan and Scott Matthew. photo: Supplied

The Canadian Hereford Association is now providing identification and genetic services to producers who are in the market to create Hereford-influence breeding replacements for commercial cow herds and feeder cattle. The Hereford Plus program is geared to preserve the purity of the Hereford breed book while allowing individual breeders to take advantage of the multi-breed genetic evaluations available with their new Bolt single-step-derived EPDs to compete with other breeds in the commercial market.

Hereford Plus breeders can record the lineage of Hereford Plus animals, plus calving ease, weights, teat and udder scores and carcass data and have online access to economic indices and EPDs on individual animals or groups that are being marketed. Parentage and a variety of genetic tests are also available on these cattle. There are eligibility requirements. They can be found online at the Canadian Hereford Association website.

The Hereford Plus program is available for new registrations of 2018 Hereford Influence calves that meet the eligibility criteria.

The Canadian Limousin Association released their single-step genetic evaluation powered by BOLT on August 27, 2018, and will now be producing weekly EPD updates. The Canadian Limousin Association is one of 12 Canadian and U.S. breed associations that collaborate to run a multi-breed genetic evaluation under International Genetic Solutions.

The National Limousin Show and Sale is set for November 22 at Canadian Western Agribition in Regina.

The Canadian Simmental Association is happy to announce that the Award of Excellence program is back for 2018. Some shows have already been completed, points are given based on the size of Simmental cattle entered in each show and following the final show at Canadian Western Agribition, the CSA will make a presentation for the Award of Excellence Show Female and Bull of the year. For more information, a complete list of qualifying shows, rules and regulations visit the Canadian Simmental Association website.

Manitoba Hosts the 2018 National Simmental Show at Ag Ex in Brandon, Man., October 24-27. For more information please visit the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba website.

At the invitation of the China Agricultural University-Beef Cattle Research Center, several representatives of the Canadian beef cattle industry attended the third China’s National Symposium on Applied Techniques and Industry Economics in Beef Production from July 27-29.

Representing the Canadian Beef Breeds Council at the symposium were Michael Latimer (executive director) and Garner Deobald (past president), Brian Good (director of field service for the Canadian Angus Association), Bruce Holmquist (general manager of the Canadian Simmental Association), Doug Mann (president of the Canadian Hereford Association), Stephen Scott (general manager of the Canadian Hereford Association), Mel Reekie (general manager of the Canadian Charolais Association), and Anne Brunet-Burgess (general manager of the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency).

The delegates gave presentations on several aspects of Canadian beef cattle production and genetic improvement within the production chain to the approximately 450 people attending the symposium. Topics ran the gamut from a general overview of the structure of the industry to traceability of livestock in Canada, adapting breeds for regional environments and markets, data collection and use in genetic evaluations, and the breed association’s role in maintaining accurate pedigrees. There were numerous other presenters from Canada as well as the United States, Ireland and China.

The delegates also visited the China Agriculture University research farm in Beijing, the Kingbull Farm in Xi’An and several other operations to gain a little better understanding of beef cattle production in China and the effort China’s government is putting into modernizing beef cattle production within the country to provide for a population of 1.4 billion.

The second annual China-Canada Beef Industry Alliance meeting held during the symposium highlighted activities between Canada and China over the past year, such as an outbound mission of Chinese representatives to Farmfair International in Edmonton last November and an inbound technical session involving Canadian Angus CEO Rob Smith and Travis Olson of OLE Farms in April this year.

“Canada has enjoyed a long and successful history of exporting genetics and beef products to China,” said Latimer. “We currently have access for bovine semen and embryos, as well as a wide range of beef products, which we are hopeful will be expanded to include live cattle in the near future.”

If you or a member of your family is involved in agriculture, registered in a post-secondary education program, and your family uses Charolais bulls, you will be interested to know about the scholarships offered by the Canadian Charolais Association. Anyone who is involved with the breed, whether it be purebred or commercial cattle or feedlot operator, is eligible to submit an application for one of three scholarships totalling $3,500 to the Charolais office by October 31. Details can be found at the Canadian Charolais Association website.

The National Charolais Show will be held November 8-9 at FarmFair International in Edmonton this year. Kicking off the festivities on November 8 is the 2018 Elite Charolais Breeder’s Bull Calf Futurity Player’s Club featuring a $50,000 purse. The National show on Friday, November 9 starts with the Pair of Heifer Calves class with $10,000 up for grabs.

Don Pochylko. photo: Supplied

Don Pochylko of Red Deer, an influential pioneer of the Charolais breed, passed away Sunday, September 2 of a heart attack. Pochylko started in Charolais in 1961 and founded SanDan Charolais.

On September 1 the Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL) signed a multi-year agreement with Affinity Credit Union that renamed EventPlex at Evraz Place, the home of the Canadian Western Agribition, as the AffinityPlex. The investment will enable Evraz Place to implement a number of improvements to the facility to lower operating costs and improve environmental sustainability.

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