Improve pasture health and productivity with an integrated pasture management plan

Weeds, brush and trees are detrimental to a healthy and productive pasture. By being proactive, you can increase grass production on the same acres, improve the health of your herd and boost your profits while creating a sustainable grazing resource for the future.

This starts with implementing an integrated pasture management plan that includes techniques such as grazing rotations, herbicide applications, fertility analysis, mechanical brush management and regular pasture health assessments.

A proactive strategy with lasting results

According to the Beef Cattle Research Council, bushes, forbs and shrubs provide habitat for wildlife and can make up over 20 per cent of livestock’s diet on rangelands¹.

By using herbicides as part of an integrated pasture management, you can reduce undesirable or invasive weeds, brush and tree encroachment that can alter native ecosystems. This will also help you preserve native grass species and make an overall positive impact on the environment.


A guide to growing better grass

Growing more grass and managing it well is another way to maximize pasture productivity. With increased grass production, you can graze your cattle longer in the fall and turn them out earlier in the spring – subsequently reducing winter feed costs and contributing directly to your bottom line.

Additionally, you will be able to graze more cattle on the same number of acres and higher stocking density will increase competition for feed between cattle, so each animal will spend more time grazing and less time wandering.

More grass also contributes to:

  • Better herd condition
  • Higher weaning weights
  • Less time and fewer equipment costs associated with finding or producing feed
  • Fewer weeds imported in bales of hay
  • Improved ability of pastures to withstand drought
  • Improved grass vigour


Effective and sustainable pasture management solutions

If you’re looking to make a positive change to the health and productivity of your permanent grass pastures, Corteva Agriscience™ Range & Pasture products can help you effectively manage invasive weeds, brush and trees while providing an overall return on investment.

The Corteva Agriscience Range & Pasture product portfolio provides you with the most effective tools to improve the sustainability and long-term health of your pastures. Regular scouting is an important component of an integrated pasture management program. For weed monitoring to be effective, weed species must be properly identified.

  • Restore™ II herbicide is an easy-to-use, broad spectrum product for the control of invasive broadleaf weeds such as scentless chamomile, tall buttercup and Canada thistle.
  • Reclaim™ II herbicide delivers the most trusted extended control of broadleaf weeds and brush, such as silverberry (wolf-willow), Western snowberry (buckbrush) and wild rose.
  • Grazon™ XC herbicide provides proven and effective extended control of a variety of broadleaf weeds and trees, such as aspen, birch and willow.


Our Range & Pasture herbicides are absorbed by both leaves and roots, translocating throughout the plant, resulting in control. This is especially important when looking to control biennial and perennial species. Plant growth will stop within 24 to 48 hours after treatment. Most susceptible weeds and shrubs will be controlled within four to eight weeks following application. When compared with other methods of pasture rejuvenation, Restore II, Reclaim II and Grazon XC provide timely, increased grass production and extended weed, shrub and tree control.

By implementing an integrated pasture management plan through incorporating the use of our tailored Range & Pasture solutions, you will help your pasture reach its full grass production potential, improve your bottom line, enhance the health of your herd and create sustainable grazing resources for the future.

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