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Food farms are a hit

Food farms are a hit

It’s a fun way to show kids the link between farming and their burgers and pizza

What kid doesn’t know about tasty burgers, fries and pizza? But how many know that it all starts on somebody’s farm? Too few, sadly. Two years ago some folks in Yorkton, Sask., did something to bridge this gap by laying out their first pizza farm. It’s a fun place, where schoolchildren have a chance to […] Read more

Silverbend Ranch

Silverbend Ranch shines again

Forages and livestock restore health to a badly eroded farm in Manitoba

The moon shines on the bend in the meandering Assiniboine River and reflects a shimmering silver glimmer that illuminates the lush riverside and well up the gently sloped hill toward the farmhouse. Thus the name Silverbend Ranch, or so the story goes. But while the moon may glisten at night, things weren’t always so shiny […] Read more