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calves and cattle in a feedlot

Do antimicrobial growth promoters for beef cattle really improve performance?

Ionophores (Rumensin, Bovatec, Posistac) are not medically important because the ionophores approved for use in cattle are not used in human medicine. Other antimicrobials used in livestock are medically important. Concerns around antimicrobial resistance in both human and veterinary medicine have led to increased scrutiny regarding how medically important antimicrobials are used in livestock production. […] Read more

Verlyn Olson, shown here in Edmonton in 2011, is expected to be off duty as Alberta’s ag minister for several weeks while recovering from transplant surgery. (

Alberta ag minister books off after surgery

Alberta Premier Jim Prentice has named an associate agriculture and rural development minister to handle the portfolio while provincial Agriculture Minister Verlyn Olson takes sick leave. Grande Prairie-Smoky MLA Everett McDonald, a farmer and former reeve for the County of Grande Prairie, was appointed Tuesday to the associate minister’s post. Olson, the ag minister since […] Read more

Alberta insect forecasts for 2014

Maps indicate where insects could be a problem for growing season

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development has posted its annual insect forecast maps online. The maps indicate where insects could be an issue during the growing season and can help in formulating plans for seeding and pest control. “The biggest new insect issue is wheat midge in the Fahler area of the Peace area as well […] Read more