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The right mineral supplementation program can improve colostrum and calf immunity, according to a study on the University of Florida’s cow herds.

Research suggests trace mineral source matters

New research shows that organic trace mineral supplementation has benefits over its inorganic counterparts

When it comes to mineral supplementation for beef females, new research suggests that the source matters. Studies from the University of Florida show that organic trace mineral supplementation for cows has benefits compared to inorganic trace minerals in areas such as increased pregnancy rates, weaning weight and calf immunity. Dr. Matt Hersom is an associate […] Read more

Mycotoxins know no bounds

DON is the No. 1 mycotoxin found in several Canadian cereal crops

Awesome turned awful as September rolled into October with its short wet days and longer wet nights downgrading many cereal crops to feed quality across the Prairies. To make matters worse, a lot of grain that did make it into the bin was infected with fusarium and to a lesser extent with ergot. The fusarium […] Read more

Alltech to buy up Canadian feed firm Masterfeeds

Animal nutrition firm Alltech is set to make itself one of Canada’s top animal food and livestock feed players, with a deal in hand to buy the stake in Masterfeeds it doesn’t already own. Alltech, a Lexington, Kentucky-based international firm in aggressive acquisition mode, announced Tuesday it will buy all outstanding shares of Masterfeeds, Inc. […] Read more

U.S. animal feed giant to snap up Ridley

Canadian/U.S. livestock feed firm Ridley Inc. is set to become part of animal nutrition giant Alltech’s total mixed ration. Lexington, Ky.-based Alltech on Thursday announced a friendly cash deal to buy all outstanding Ridley shares at $40.75 each, for a total payout to Ridley shareholders of about $521 million. Ridley’s TSX-traded shares closed Wednesday at […] Read more