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Enzootic Bovine Leukosis Part 2 — Control

Part 1 of this article on enzootic bovine leukosis (EBL) was about the troubling news that bovine leukosis virus (BLV) is transmissible to humans, and the revelation that the presence of BLV in human breast tissue is potentially associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. This article presents the basics about EBL control and […] Read more

New trouble ahead with bovine leukemia virus? Part 1

The headline “Virus in cattle linked to human breast cancer” is chilling. For the first time, a research team at the University of California, Berkeley, established a link between infection with bovine leukemia virus (BLV) and human breast cancer. The study, published September 2015 in a respected, peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE, will draw attention to […] Read more

Understanding the value of vaccines

Although vaccines have been used commercially for more than 70 years, the bulk of vaccines available on the market has not changed significantly. They are still mostly the products of either live or killed whole virus or bacterial culture. Research has yielded improvements to adjuvants (components that stimulate immunity), introduction of genetically engineered subunit and […] Read more