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A helicopter drops buckets of water on a forest fire in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.

B.C. seeks to control wildfires through grazing

Environment: News Roundup from the September 2019 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

In a bid to reduce wildfire damage, the province of B.C. is looking for help from its ranching community. The B.C. Cattlemen’s Association (BCCA) recently received a $500,000 wildfire management grant from the province to develop projects that will reduce fine fuels through intensive grazing in high-risk areas, CCA Action News reports. The program will […] Read more

Caylee Dorval is putting her scholarship award towards studying animal science at Lakeland College.

Sask. agriculture scholarship winner to study animal science technology

NewsMakers from the August 2019 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Cattlemen’s Young Leaders Program Melissa Van Sickle’s interest in cattle started early and grew with her participation in 4-H. Van Sickle earned a bachelor of science in animal science from the University of Saskatchewan and then visited Australia. She then returned home to work for her family’s business, Genetic Ventures, which specializes in artificial insemination […] Read more

Steering committee seeks producer feedback for B.C. beef packing plant

Packers: News Roundup from the December 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The B.C. Packing Plant steering committee held several engagement sessions for producers around the province in November. Right now most of B.C.’s cattle are sent to Alberta for finishing and processing, which limits the beef industry’s ability to sell B.C.-branded beef. The B.C. Beef Packing Plant website notes that a 2012 research report identified a […] Read more

BCCA connecting ranchers, haulers in wildfire areas

Livestock producers needing to move animals out of wildfire zones in British Columbia’s Interior are being asked to contact the B.C. Cattlemen’s Association. The BCCA, on its website, said it’s helping to co-ordinate haulers with producers who need to evacuate livestock. “With closures of highways and evacuation orders, permits are needed to re-enter evacuated areas […] Read more

B.C. rural plan includes livestock tag reader rebate

A new provincial rural economic development strategy for British Columbia includes extra money for livestock and invasive plant programs, among them a new rebate plan for livestock tag readers. The province on Friday released “Building on our Rural Advantages: B.C.’s Rural Economic Development Strategy,” a document laying out investments expected to support up to 26,600 […] Read more

Erika Fossen, (front) and Erika Strande use their blog to explain the reality of a rancher’s life.

Reach out with a blog

These two B.C. women explain ranch life to the world through their blog

A rancher’s vocabulary has some colourful words, and dare we say a few choice ones now and then, but “blog” isn’t usually one of them unless you’re talking with Erika Fossen and Erika Strande (Stewart). 2erikas, as they are now known around the blogging world, created “Life on a BC Cattle Ranch” and as of […] Read more