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Comment: Ontario banks on branding

It was near the end of the Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) meeting and Sylvain Charlebois, the well-known food researcher from Dalhousie University was wrapping up his talk on changes in consumer buying habits. One final questioner asked him if he had any suggestions for the best way to convince consumers of the value of […] Read more

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Protecting your cattle from theft

Corporal Christian Reister, one of Alberta’s two RCMP officers dedicated to livestock files, offers some tips on how to protect your herd on pasture: 1. Branding is the single biggest deterrent and the greatest single piece of evidence the RCMP can use in court because a brand can’t be altered or removed. 2. Watch out […] Read more

We also used to hang horse thieves and rustlers once upon a time

We also used to hang horse thieves and rustlers once upon a time

Vet Advice: The practice of hot-iron branding and concerns for animal welfare

Expectation and foresight is integral to progress. Indifference to small matters today yields tomorrow’s issues, the need for hot-iron branding among them. Although progress in the cattle industry is slow, progress is constant — typically a case of hesitancy and caution unnerved by pressure brought to bear by those who buy the food we produce […] Read more

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Lean in our approach

In a market where ground beef is highly popular, there are lessons to be learned

The beef industry in North America is changing rapidly. The invasive technology that introduced the concept of ground beef as a burger still holds the attention of the majority of consumers and the largest single slice of market share. Today, over 60 per cent of all beef sold in the U.S. is ground product. One […] Read more

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“Buffalo” wings and the value of brand marketing

If we buy a tough steak at the grocery store — whom do we turn to?

Little did Teressa Bellissimo know that the night she poured hot sauce over leftover chicken wings in Buffalo New York, and served them with celery and blue cheese, that she had created a marketing sensation. The snack prepared for a bunch of hungry boys in 1964 became the cornerstone of the bar that still sells […] Read more


Diamond 7 Ranch raises cattle with care and compassion

Easing the discomfort and stress on calves during annual processing is just one element in the overall strategy of producing high quality, premium beef, under humane production practices at southern Alberta’s Diamond 7 Ranch. For the past four years at branding, calves have been administered an oral dose of meloxicam, a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory to help […] Read more