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History: Hybrids

Reprinted from the November 1949 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Hybrids By E. J. “Bud” Cotton, 2022-27th St. S.W., Calgary, Alta. ‘A hybrid is the offspring resulting from a cross between two inbred species, strains or types within a family or genera, i.e. horse and donkey, cattle or buffalo. A hybrid does not breed true. Crossing hybrids results in a wide variation of the type […] Read more

Focus on your yearlings this breeding season

Calving is well underway across the country and many of you are turning your thoughts to activities associated with breeding, pasture turnout and spring seeding. Before your schedule gets too hectic, it is a good time to take stock of your nutrition program particularly as it relates to the breeding herd. In past issues, I […] Read more

Locking in purebred cattle traits

The Lafrentz family relied on planned matings and linebreeding to lock in their genetic package

Denise and Vern Lafrentz started out on their own 20 years ago with a goal of raising commercial-style purebred Simmental and Simmental-Angus breeding stock to meet the needs of commercial cattlemen. Along the way, their foresight and commitment to their breeding plan has put their ranch, Wheatland Cattle Co. of Bienfait, Sask., in the limelight […] Read more

Still a long way to go

A number of recent agriculture publications has questioned whether or not we are approaching the biological limit of individual animal production. The big question: How might this influence long-term sustainability of the cattle business? To think our industry might be approaching biological limits to how fast a feedlot steer grows, how efficiently it converts feed […] Read more