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Joe Lofthouse working the gate while sorting calves. Lofthouse believes in a hands-on leadership style.

People-focused approach pays off

Hands-on leadership and being open to continuous learning have made the difference for this feedlot management consultant

Although Joe Lofthouse has successfully managed tens of thousands of head of cattle, learning to manage an underappreciated aspect in feedlot production is what has made the greatest difference. The ability to work effectively with others has been one of the most valuable skills throughout his career in feedlot management. “I’ve always said it wasn’t […] Read more

Student Chris Solecki pilots one of the school’s drones.

Are you ready for a drone?

In today’s world unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones are used for everything from small indoor toys to delivering military weapons or managing cattle

Drones are a relatively inexpensive way to locate cattle in big pastures so you know where to ride and start gathering. John Church, an associate professor in the natural resource sciences department of Thompson Rivers University at Kamloops, B.C., an area with semi-arid grassland, forested range and many large ranches, says some ranchers in this […] Read more

This veterinarian  keeps light oil handy on cold days for sticky catches and levers and a heater on the side of the hydraulic tank to keep the oil warm.

Some dos and don’ts when treating cattle in cold weather

A few simple tips to make you better prepared to attend your cattle this winter

Inclement weather creates challenges when processing cattle, whether preg-checking, vaccinating or weaning in the fall, or giving cows pre-calving vaccinations, or delousing treatments in midwinter. Dr. Eric Laporte of Nagel and Company Veterinary Services, Cow-Calf Health Management Solutions in Crossfield, Alta., says one of the main challenges in cold weather is keeping your vaccines from […] Read more

In many grasslands, including those of Western Canada, moderate grazing actually boosts overall plant diversity.

Making hay of environmental goods and services

Researchers wrestle with turning an abstract concept into concrete profits for producers

If you were to ask most cattle producers about the goods and services their grasslands provide, it might seem like an obvious question. Most would say that quality forage promotes the health of their cattle, provides high-quality protein and boosts their bottom line. Others might talk about how their grazing practices promote biodiversity and overall […] Read more

cow in a holding chute

Mustering and drafting down under

In July 2014, my fiancé Colin and I had the opportunity to work on Manali Limousin and Lim-Flex stud near Scone, New South Wales, Australia. Over the course of the month we fed cattle, built fence and welded gates, and spent numerous full days clipping and washing 56 two-year-old bulls that would be sold in […] Read more

cattle grazing

Making a profit in the cattle business

Gross Margin Analysis was the biggest breakthrough my business ever had

There are two things that I hear farmers complain about all the time, other than the weather. It’s that they don’t have enough time or enough money. If this is you, I might have a solution for you. Many years ago I was struggling to keep my farm afloat. I was working a full-time job, […] Read more

Planned grazing

Planned grazing

There is a lot of misinformation about the beneficial or detrimental effects cattle may have on land. This is unfortunate. Various groups often have serious disagreements depending on whether they see cattle as beneficial or detrimental to the land. Often both groups are sincere and in fact, both may be correct in their viewpoints. Often […] Read more