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Conservation organizations such as Ducks Unlimited Canada are concerned about the pandemic's effect on beef producers and the long-term implications for the wildlife habitat those producers protect.

Cattle versus climate: Where’s the beef?

Livestock production’s environmental impact is complicated but if done right,
 it’s good for the planet, says author

It’s become accepted wisdom that cattle production is worse for the environment than gas-guzzling SUVs — but it’s not true. “We’re told over and over again that cattle are bad for the environment and, therefore, everybody should eat less beef,” said Nicolette Hahn Niman, author of Defending Beef: The Case for Sustainable Meat Production. “We’re […] Read more

Panelists Mike Buis, Mike von Massow, Jarius Maus, Joe Hill and Tammi  Ribey discuss the challenges Ontario beef producers face in 2018.

Stabilizing Ontario’s beef cattle industry

Five opinions heard at the Grey-Bruce Beef Day

If every producer put into practice two or three new ideas from the conferences they attend, the entire industry could benefit, according to Dr. Tammi Ribey. “The beef industry is us — everyone can do something,” she said. “If we all do a little something, collectively it should help.” Ribey is a veterinarian with a […] Read more

One thing Wilco van Meijl has gained from his experience with the CYL program and his off-farm employment is being comfortable with change.

Getting a global perspective on our beef industry

Young Manitoba cattle producer brings international experiences back to the farm

When Manitoba cattle producer Wilco van Meijl stepped off the plane in Paraguay to attend the International Beef Alliance (IBA) conference in October, he did so with an open mind, a desire to meet new people and to learn more about global beef production. He certainly achieved his goals and a lot more. “What was […] Read more

Jason Desrochers and family.

Grass lures beef production to Northern Ontario

Raising cattle in the rural outreaches has its benefits and challenges

Ontario cattlemen and the province have begun several programs to encourage more farmers to start raising beef in northern Ontario — where it is colder and the land is more suited to bush and cattle than corn and soybeans. Interest from producers considering a move north has been gaining momentum, and in mid-August 2017, the […] Read more

There is room for us all

There is room for us all

Straight from the hip with Brenda Schoepp

I am excited. The passion and commitment of our young cattlemen and cattlewomen is catching, encouraging, and fills me with great pride. An active follower of social media, I watch with delight the posts that range from personal to professional. The topics and stories are amazing and the beef industry most certainly has been fortified […] Read more

You have to care for other people more than yourself,” Kevin Blair says. “You have to live that, and have high expectations for people and not hold them back.”

Cattle company finding its own way

They’re risk takers who hate to lose and aren’t afraid to trust their own instincts, which is why, on the road to diversification, the Blairs have drawn their own map

Kevin Blair has never forgotten what his grandfather told him many years ago: “When everyone else is on the highway, take the grid.” It’s a message he’s made most of his life decisions by, and in the course of it, Blair Ag has learned how to tackle many of the issues that are moving to […] Read more

We need more heifers

We need more heifers

Viewpoint of a past CCA president

Canada’s national cow herd has contracted over 20 per cent since it peaked at five million head in 2005. If the national cow herd remains under four million cows, or contracts further, the industry risks losing infrastructure, processing capacity, more feedlots, and cattle-related services such as auction markets, trucking companies and even local dealers of […] Read more

cattleman on a horse

A sampler of ranchers’ views on 2017

As might be expected, their plans range from expansion to standing pat and retirement

Rebuilding and expanding herds, or staying about the same — that seems to be what western Canadian ranchers have in mind as they head into 2017. Despite a sharp downturn in the cattle markets in 2016, only one member of this Ranchers’ Panel was talking about downsizing, with retirement in mind. The 2016 fall market […] Read more

cattle on a pasture

What’s the margin?

Do you know the economics behind your production practices?

Even though the production components of your business are important, they don’t make or break it for you. The most important part of any business is in managing the business itself. The economics and finances behind the production practices are more important than the production practice itself. Two producers can use the same production practice. […] Read more

cattle herd

Beef Watch: Canadian cattle herd steady

Prepared by the staff of Canfax and Canfax Research Services, divisions of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

Sellers have lost leverage throughout the supply chain as larger protein supplies in North America are pressuring prices down. Lower cattle prices have resulted in serious red ink for feedlots and disappointing calf prices this fall. Cow-calf returns have dropped but remain above the 10-year average. For producers who have made major infrastructure investments over […] Read more