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When should they go?

Make the best decision you can for the time

We all want to sell our cattle at the best times and in ways to make the most money, but just when is that. The short answer is, it depends. “Breeding can be easily scheduled — as a day on the calendar when you turn the bulls out with the cows,” says Joe Stookey, a […] Read more

AgriClear president David Moss (l) with Kevin Chanut director of Financial Services.

AgriClear… cattle marketing on your terms

AgriClear received an enthusiastic welcome from Canadian and American buyers and sellers after it was launched in mid-June, according to company president David Moss. “We’ve had registrations, live listings, and lots of positive response,” he said. AgriClear is a platform for marketing cattle to anyone anywhere in Canada and the U.S. any time via your […] Read more