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India raises chickpea import duty to 40 per cent

The Indian government has raised its import tariff for chickpeas from 30 per cent to 40 per cent. The government said Tuesday in the Gazette of India the increased tariff is to be imposed immediately, with existing circumstances making it necessary. Chickpea prices have continued to fall over the last six months, according to reports […] Read more

Most Canadian chickpeas headed for feed market

CNS Canada — Low yields and poor quality have caused Canadian chickpea price quotes to shoot higher. Very little of the crop actually falls under the top grades, however, leaving the bulk of the marketing to take place in the feed sector. “The chickpea harvest has been an unmitigated disaster,” said Colin Young of Midwest […] Read more

Chickpeas see good start to a long season

CNS Canada –– Canadian chickpeas have a long season to go, but so far the crops look like they’re in it for the long haul. “We have a fair amount of chickpeas in and they look phenomenal, they’re in full flower and looking as healthy and as good as a chickpea crop can at this […] Read more

New-crop chickpea prices strong, but seed short

CNS Canada — Production issues in growing regions have driven chickpea prices higher, one analyst says, but limited seed means Canadian producers may not be able to take advantage of strong new-crop pricing. “Bottom line, the world is out of chickpeas,” said Colin Young of Midwest Investments. “As the year progressed everyone was hoping the […] Read more