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Comment: Will sustainable beef pay?

[Updated: Sept. 14, 2017] – Finally. After years of discussion and planning and surveying and researching, the Canadian version of Verified Sustainable Beef is about to face its ultimate test in the marketplace. It begins this October with the soft launch of the Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration pilot in which Cargill, the Beef InfoXchange System […] Read more

Comment: Trade talk

When the industry gathers in Calgary tomorrow for the Canadian Beef Industry Conference trade will almost certainly be a hot topic of conversation. Of course there will be plenty of discussion about traceability, sustainability, genomics and maybe even beef checkoffs, but it will be hard to escape the immediacy of the trade agenda. It starts […] Read more

Comment: Our cattle inventory numbers seem high

The Census of Agriculture is important. It’s a way of correcting all the estimating we do between censuses about our economy, our industry and even our society. Every five years we take a snapshot to give us a more accurate picture of what is going on in the country so we can refocus and stay […] Read more

Comment: Albertans now get to choose

With his introduction of Bill 9 on April 11 Alberta Agriculture Minister Oneil Carlier gave the Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) the gift of a second chance to unify the provincial cattle industry as it faces increasingly uncertain times. The bill revokes previous marketing legislation to give producers the right to choose via a plebiscite whether […] Read more

Comment: Ontario banks on branding

It was near the end of the Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) meeting and Sylvain Charlebois, the well-known food researcher from Dalhousie University was wrapping up his talk on changes in consumer buying habits. One final questioner asked him if he had any suggestions for the best way to convince consumers of the value of […] Read more

Comment: Grading changes still on hold

On January 21 the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) published its proposed Safe Food for Canadians regulations for public comment. The overall aim is to streamline and tighten up on the regulation of Canada’s food supply. CFIA’s current food safety program is managed under 13 different regulations spread over five pieces of legislation covering nine […] Read more

Comment: Let us slash some red tape

With Donald Trump pledging to take a knife to government regulations to stoke the entrepreneurial spirit of Americans, Canadians can only hope some of this zeal rubs off on Canadian bureaucrats. Of course, this is a faint hope. Canadian cattlemen, for example, are already preparing to adjust their own business plans to account for more […] Read more

Comment: Goodbye Boyd

Like many of you I was saddened to hear of the passing of Boyd Anderson last month, but thankful that I had a chance to know him briefly along the way. Of course, I had met Boyd not long after I started with the magazine, either at a Saskatchewan Stock Growers meeting or around the […] Read more

Comment: Don’t bet on perceptions

Perception or reality, it’s hard to figure out which we are dealing with as we prepare to exist with a U.S. headed by Donald J. Trump. He’s bound to influence whatever plans you are making for 2017 and the next four years. But at this point it’s pretty hard to assess what he will do […] Read more

Comment: Playing the long game in Europe

It may seem facetious to be commenting on trade negotiations at a time when the bottom is still falling out of most cattle markets but let’s say it’s a long-term view. When speaking of the Canada-EU trade deal, or more properly the Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA), long term is the only way to […] Read more