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Promoting beef

The record-high cattle prices that started off the year have persisted into summer and that is a very nice surprise for producers. Typically demand supports higher prices for the first couple of quarters before softening but this year it looks like demand will remain solid for the summer months. There are many factors contributing to […] Read more

COOL’s legal turn

COOL’s legal turn

The U.S. is ruled by laws and regulations. But the latter are often what have the most impact on businesses. That’s what happened with country-of-origin labelling. It’s also as difficult to overturn a regulation as it is to rescind a law. That’s why it’s remarkable that nine North American meat and livestock organizations, including the […] Read more

COOL overconfidence?

A North American view of the meat industry

It ain’t over till it’s over. Someone needs to remind Canadian Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz of this as he ponders his next public pronouncement on mandatory country-of-origin labelling. Ritz raised eyebrows last month when he confidently predicted that the U.S. Congress, through a new Farm Bill, would repeal COOL. Ritz had come to the North […] Read more