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Feed weekly outlook: Little to change for Prairie prices

As feedlots reduce their cattle numbers, demand for feed grains has declined on the Canadian Prairies, according to Market Place Commodities trader Allen Pirness at Lethbridge. “It’s a pretty calm time of year. The feedlots are shipping a lot of fat cattle more than they are replacing. Their grain consumption drops off a little bit […] Read more

Feed weekly outlook: Cheap corn, Prairie harvest quality weigh on prices

CNS Canada — Cheap corn imports and adverse Prairie harvest conditions should mean no shortage of feed grain in Alberta’s feedlot alley this winter — which should also keep prices under pressure going forward. “Anytime you get a ripe crop and you get snow and rain falling on it, it normally doesn’t make better quality,” […] Read more

Mexico eyes Brazil farm products as hedge on Trump threat

Brasilia | Reuters — Amid trade tensions with the U.S., Mexico plans to send a delegation next month to visit Brazilian corn, beef, chicken and soy producers as an alternative to U.S. suppliers, its representative in Brazil said on Friday. Mexican charge d’affaires Eleazar Velasco said Brazil is uniquely positioned to expand agricultural commodity sales […] Read more

China to let market decide its corn prices

Beijing | Reuters — China will let the market decide its domestic state corn prices to help cap the country’s rising imports and record-high level of state reserves, a senior official was cited by state media as saying on Monday. “The direction of corn reform is… to let the market decide prices, and (state support) […] Read more

Canada to check India’s feed corn for aflatoxin

All feed corn coming to Canada from India is now going to be held and tested for aflatoxin, as high levels of the toxins have recently turned up in organic corn from the country. Importers of corn — organic or otherwise — from India, starting immediately, first must sample the corn, upon arrival in Canada […] Read more