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Stretching your hay supply with straw

Feed: News Roundup from the October 23, 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Travis Peardon, the regional livestock specialist in Outlook, Sask., says few producers were reporting an abundance of hay this year, so he presumes many will be stretching what they do have with straw to get their cows through the winter. That being the case, Peardon recently prepared a short primer on straw-bolstered rations for producers […] Read more

Southern Saskatchewan dry, but Prairies mostly OK for now

CNS Canada — Dry conditions in southern Saskatchewan are cause for vigilance, but rain could still pull out a healthy harvest, according to a provincial soil and nutrient specialist. The area of concern lies within a triangle shape, with the northern tip at Saskatoon, one arm stretching southeast to Weyburn, Estevan and the U.S. border, […] Read more

Six tips to successful land rental

This title to the old Russian folk tale by Leo Tolstoy hasn’t lost any of its significance.* It’s a question farmers ponder today, as land and land rent prices continue to rise to levels never seen before. Despite lower commodity prices, the cost of land is still rising dramatically in the Westlock, Alta. area (about[...]
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Some second growth for October grazing on Kevin Stebeleski’s pasture.

Multi-species silage is like free insurance

As spring turned to summer without giving up much rain, Kevin Stebeleski really started to wonder about his decision to give multi-species silage a try for the first time. Those worries turned moot as July rains and warm weather transformed the 100-acre field into a smorgasbord of forages that landed 8.5 tons to the acre[...]
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Should you buy expensive feed or custom feed your cows?

“Lack of moisture curtailed pasture and hay production in many areas of Alberta this year,” says Dean Dyck, farm business management specialist, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Stettler. “As a result, feed and hay prices have risen dramatically from a year ago. Producers are faced with either buying expensive feed or moving their livestock to feed[...]
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Western Prairies see low yields as harvest ramps up

CNS Canada –– This summer’s erratic weather has taken its toll on plant development in Alberta and parts of western Saskatchewan, according to crop-watchers in those areas. “We have heard that dry conditions have caused plants (peas) to slough off or have the tillers dry off and have lost those heads,” said Barry Yaremcio at[...]
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Sask. crops get soaked, but may take yield hit

(Reuters) – Two days of rainstorms in Saskatchewan, Canada’s biggest wheat- and canola-growing province, may have done more harm to crops than good, even though farms were parched, a Saskatchewan government official said on Wednesday. Much of the province received rain on Monday and Tuesday, with the capital, Regina, collecting about 90 millimetres (3.5 inches),[...]
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Larger Canadian wheat, canola crops beat expectations

CNS Canada — Canada’s 2014-15 wheat and canola crops both ended up considerably larger than early guesses, according to updated production estimates released Thursday by Statistics Canada. Production, however, was still well below the record levels seen the previous year. After the canola crop was pegged at 14.08 million tonnes in StatsCan’s October report, average[...]
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Upward revisions expected in StatsCan report

CNS Canada –– Canada’s major agricultural crops likely yielded a bit better than earlier estimates, and most industry participants anticipate Statistics Canada’s production numbers will be revised higher in a report due out Thursday. However, the extent of those adjustments could be limited. “The (production) numbers will probably go up for all commodities… wheat, durum,[...]
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