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Enright Cattle Company ships 95 per cent of their beef to high-end restaurants in Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston and smaller locations in southern Ontario.

Direct marketing is their path to full-time farming

Marketing: Enright Cattle Company is meeting the challenges of building their brand and informing their customers

When consumers recognize your brand, it’s a sure sign that you’re doing something right. At restaurants across southern Ontario, to see the name of one particular beef operation on the menu is a testament to the hard work of Kara and Darold Enright. “Something that we are always trying to promote to the consumers is […] Read more

Four steps to direct marketing beef

News Roundup from the August 2015 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Most ranchers in Canada keep their attention focused on what they do best: breeding and raising healthy, high-quality cattle. The slaughtering, processing, and sale to end consumers are things they ordinarily leave to other people. Some ranchers, however, market a part of their beef output directly to consumers, cutting out the middlemen of the cattle […] Read more