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Environment plays a big part in the potential for an animal to express its genetics, says PJ Budler.

EPDs only one part of the genetic selection formula

EPDs most valuable when used with best practices

It’s not everyday you visit a 7,000-head beef operation in Kenya, but that’s not the only reason the experience was memorable for PJ Budler. When he visited this herd of Boran cattle, a breed native to Kenya, for a consulting project, their quality left him amazed. “You could hardly find an animal that didn’t have […] Read more

Breeders will benefit from carcass data

News Roundup: From the April 2015 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) believes the Beef InfoXchange System (BIXS) will become invaluable for cattle breeders, geneticists and beef researchers if significant numbers of producers can be encouraged to make use of the national database. And they aren’t the only ones looking forward to a more productive BIXS, according to a recent blog […] Read more

The current summary includes  RFI EPDs 
for 920 animals, including tested bulls.

Canada’s First Look at Residual Feed Intake EPDs

Canadian Hereford breeders have long believed in the breed’s feed efficiency and now they’re collecting the numbers to back up that claim. Exceptional breeder participation in the Canadian Hereford Association’s (CHA) residual feed intake (RFI) research project has led to Canada’s first-ever expected progeny differences (EPD) for RFI and a related trait called residual intake […] Read more