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Take extra steps to keep farm workers safe during COVID-19

Add biosecurity practices, or ramp up the ones you already employ

Farmers concerned about the spread of COVID-19 can learn from the hog sector on the matter of protecting themselves and their workers, says a leading expert on biosecurity in the pork industry. “This is the world of biosecurity that the swine industry deals with on a daily basis,” said Dr. Egan Brockhoff, veterinarian counsellor for […] Read more

Coronavirus impact spreads to cash cattle markets

The Markets with Deb McMillin, from the March 2020 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Fed Cattle A downtrend in the technical market in recent weeks resulting from uncertainty surrounding the economic impacts of the coronavirus has spread to the cash market as well. Locally, the cash fed cattle price has fallen $11.00/cwt over the past two weeks. The current fed steer average is $152.54/cwt. Fortunately, the higher prices that […] Read more

Feed barley outlook

Market Talk with Jerry Klassen

I’ve received many inquiries from feedlot and backgrounding operators regarding the price outlook for feed barley. The Western Canadian feed grains complex made seasonal lows during September of 2019. Lethbridge area feedlots were buying feed barley at just under $200/mt delivered. However, the market started to ratchet higher during October. Adverse weather and the delayed […] Read more

Feed weekly outlook: Buyers not looking to make purchases

MarketsFarm — Feed grain prices were beginning to soften as many buyers don’t have a major need to purchase from growers, said Nelson Neumann, senior trader for Agfinity in Stony Plain, Alta. “There’s still obviously a demand, but buyers are pretty well covered for the February-March timeframe. That’s a window where a lot of growers […] Read more

Tight supplies and the current feeding sector are setting the tone for stronger first-quarter prices.

Tight supplies push fed cattle cash prices higher

The Markets with Deb McMillin, from the February 2020 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Fed Cattle The fed cattle cash market had a great start in 2020. Tight market-ready supplies helped push prices higher and led to current feedlots as cattle were pulled ahead to sell into the stronger market. The fed steer price averaged $163.64/cwt the second week of the year, an improvement of $9/cwt from the beginning […] Read more

Klassen: Feeder market lacks buying interest

Compared to last week, western Canadian feeder cattle markets traded $2-$5 lower on average. Values in Alberta were relatively unchanged but markets in the eastern Prairie regions appeared to trade $4 to as much as $6 below week-ago levels. Alberta yearlings were relatively unchanged, but noticeable slippage was noted in the non-major feeding regions. Feedlots […] Read more