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New supplement results in more beef and less methane

Feeding: News Roundup from the April 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Beef and dairy farmers around the world are looking for ways to reduce methane emissions from their herds to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To help meet this goal, researchers from Canada and Australia teamed up for a comprehensive three-year study to find the best feeding practices that reduce methane emissions while still supporting profitable dairy […] Read more

Putting a value on forages

A new project by the Canadian Forage and Grassland Association will establish protocols for high-performance forage management

With over 70 million acres of dedicated Canadian cropland and a direct economic value of $5.09 billion, forages are the country’s third-largest crop, just behind wheat valued at $5.2 billion and canola at $7.3 billion. There’s no doubt forages are good for the economy. Perennial forages play an environmental role with the ability to reduce […] Read more

Locking down feedlot ammonia emissions

Sustainability: News Roundup from the May 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Innovative research is reshaping what is known about ammonia and related emissions from feedlots. And that new knowledge may help the industry to adjust its management, shape and react to public policy more effectively. “Livestock are significant emission contributors,” says Dr. Sean McGinn of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, a long-time researcher in the emissions area. […] Read more

CCA Report: Preparing for climate change

From the November 2016 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

In October, I travelled to New Zealand for the annual meeting of the presidents and chief executive officers of the International Beef Alliance (IBA). Comprised of the national organizations representing beef cattle producers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Paraguay and the United States, the IBA accounts for 46 per cent of the world’s […] Read more

Helping consumers make an informed choice

Advocacy: News Roundup from the October 3, 2016 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

During the Canadian Beef Industry Conference (CBIC), I was asked to do an interview on CBC’s Calgary Eyeopener on the use of growth hormone implants in the beef industry. The impetus for the interview followed a retailer panel discussion on “Beef Demand” — a pillar of the National Beef Strategy — focused on “what consumers […] Read more

We live in a vulnerable world

It is spring and the time when all Canadian farmers think of green grass, planting, awakening forests, early rains and trickling rebirth. This is our land and our livelihood and no one understands it better. Our soil, so firmly attached to our working boots, is the foundation of our existence and the reason for the […] Read more