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Thomas G. Stewart. who spent 27 years as a fieldman in the employ of the Federal Live Stock Branch, came to Canada after serving in the South African war. One of his first jobs in Canada was as horseman for the Douglas Lake Cattle Company.

History: Early horse breeding at Douglas Lake

Reprinted from the May 1953 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Early horse breeding at Douglas LakeBy T.G. (Tom) Stewart As is generally understood, the Douglas Lake Ranch was started in the very early 1880s by Charlie Beak, who had a ranch in Oregon, and who when he heard that a railroad was coming through British Columbia, came up to get a foothold in the prospective […] Read more

History: Pulling Horses

Reprinted from the July 1953 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Pulling HorsesBy N. G. Stanford, Rosemary, Alta. ‘Whenever “pulling horses” are mentioned I recall with nostalgia my first experience with horses drawing heavy loads. First, because of the remorse I felt at the time, and second, because my father’s admonition to me was worthy of the wisdom of Confucius and may help many young people, […] Read more


Vet Advice: Not all that’s green is edible

Plant poisoning is a common problem throughout North America, causing significant losses from sudden death, reproductive failure, poor growth rates, tainting of animal products (milk, meat) and physical damage. Recognizing toxic plants and understanding the effects of toxins on animals is an important aspect of good range management. Plant poisoning can be largely avoided. Plants […] Read more

A horse on a property at Goulais River, north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. (Davidfillion/iStock/Getty Images)

Ontario backs ‘horse experience’ businesses for horse upkeep

Trail ride operations, riding schools, others eligible

Ontario horses whose jobs with riding schools, camps and trail rides were lost or cut back during the COVID-19 pandemic may be eligible for funding toward their upkeep. The province on Thursday announced a $3 million equine hardship program would launch starting Monday (Jan. 18) help “horse experience” businesses cover animal maintenance costs. The program […] Read more

File photo of goats on display at the Hanover Agricultural Fair in Grunthal, Man. in August 2019. (Dave Bedard photo)

U.S. transport regulators reject ’emotional support animal’ status

Service dog status still protected; 'support' goats, turkeys, others up to airlines

Washington | Reuters — Only trained dogs qualify as service animals on U.S. airlines, as regulators rejected requests to extend legal protections to miniature horses, pigs, turkeys and other species, under final U.S. Transportation Department rules issued Wednesday. Airlines can still choose which other species to allow on board, but the rules issued on Wednesday […] Read more

History: Blue Blood and Boot Straps

Reprinted from the August 1952 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Blue Blood and Boot Straps By Doreen Runciman, High River, Alta. ‘While it is my intention in no way to take exception to the article, THE BLOOD IS NEEDED IN ALL LANDS, by Linore Wilson, Canadian Cattlemen, May 1952, for no one will dispute the quality and influence of the Arabian, at the same time […] Read more

History: Big Gap Stampede

History: Big Gap Stampede

Reprinted from the January 1951 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Big Gap Stampede By Mrs. Anne E. Spreight, Cairns, Alta. There have been many famous stampedes, but one of the most unique was the Rancher’s Roundup and Barbecue. It started simply enough. A number of ranchers in the Neutral Hills of Central Alberta wanted to hold a get together with the usual western attractions. It […] Read more