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e-Manifests hit the road in Alberta

Identification: News Roundup from the November 2016 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

A staged rollout of an e-manifest being developed by Alberta’s Livestock Identification Services (LIS) for the province’s cattle producers and horse owners is now underway with plans to add sheep in due time. An electronic version of the paper manifest has been available since June for transport only. It can be used by producers when […] Read more

Cattle transportation practices

Canadian feedlot animal care assessment — Part 6

Do your feedlot employees know when new cattle will arrive and cattle need to be shipped out? Are you prepared for weather extremes when shipping and receiving to provide protection from extreme cold, heat, mud and snow? Will someone be available during unloading or are instructions posted for truckers? Do your receiving pens provide shelter, […] Read more

A trucker’s memories

2.4 million accident-free miles was enough for Laurin Dreher

The new year marked a milestone for Laurin Dreher who retired after 2.4 million accident-free miles transporting livestock from his home base, Dreher Livestock at Weyburn, Sask., to points across the western provinces, east into Ontario and south as far as Texas and west to Oregon and Washington. He so enjoyed Canadian Cattlemen’s December heritage […] Read more