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Everyone got a chance to put their new low-stress techniques to work during the one-day workshop.

Cattle handling clinic connects in Manitoba

Cattle Care: News Roundup from the December 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Raising cattle on Canada’s prairies is often a family business that requires all hands on deck working together for the best results. This necessary cohesion is never more evident than during cattle-handling times that can be stressful for cattle and pressure-packed for cattle handlers. The human-animal communication and tactics of handlers are always key factors […] Read more

Looking for ways to manage the pain

The cattle industry is moving toward low stress handling, better ways to manage cattle, etc., but one issue that still needs to be addressed is pain management for routine procedures such as branding, castrating and dehorning. Dr. Eugene Janzen at the University of Calgary says the veterinary profession is rapidly changing its attitude to pain […] Read more

Low-stress feedlot handling system easy on cattle and people

The quiet, 'easy does it' approach of cattle handling at Kolk Farms

Animal handling is a big deal at Kolk Farms. It has to be when you’re looking out for the wellbeing of people and 12,000 head of cattle every day, year in and year out. Quiet has always been the word as far as animal handling goes, says Leighton Kolk. Cattle, hogs and poultry have all […] Read more