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A northern Ontario cattle processing plant could lead to more cattle production in the region.

Halal market focus for new northern Ontario plant

Packers: News Roundup from the November 2019 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

A new federally inspected processing plant in North Bay, Ont., will target the local and international halal market, Stew Slater reports in Farmtario. The new plant, which will only process carcasses at this point, is expected to open in December. The plant is owned by Canada Meat Group Inc., and the company’s owners also operate […] Read more

A variety of factors produced record profits for all processors of fed cattle last year.

Beef packers enjoy purple profit patch

Prime Cuts with Steve Kay

North American beef processors are enjoying an extended period of profits that is unprecedented in the industry’s history. Packers on both sides of the border are seeing margins that would have been unthinkable five years ago. U.S. packers racked up record profits in 2017, surpassed them in 2018 and are on track for more records […] Read more

To veer away from producing beef that the consumer wants is the fastest way to lose even more.

The attempted resurrection of a horrible idea

Free Market Reflections with Steve Dittmer

As is often true with proposed regulation, it helps to consider the source in evaluating the origin, impetus and motivation. With the attempted resurrection of then GIPSA administrator J. Dudley Butler’s so-called “GIPSA Rule,” the cast of proponents is very similar to mCOOL, with which Canadians are all too familiar. R-CALF, the Organization for Competitive Markets […] Read more

Klassen: Feeder cattle prices stabilize

Western Canadian feeder cattle prices found some footing this past week trading at similar levels to seven days earlier.  Auction market volumes consisted of stragglers and late bloomers with minimal numbers on offer; buyers on hand continue to promote the scarcity principle which caused the market to stabilize. Feedlots operators were quite aggressive on 800 […] Read more

Beef packers struggle for supply numbers

Beef packers on both sides of the border are struggling to buy cattle to run their plants efficiently

Few producers shed a tear when they hear of beef packers’ struggles. U.S. producers for years riled against packer consolidation, captive supply and any other perceived evil they thought packers perpetrated on the industry. Canadian producers remember only too well the large profits packers made after BSE crushed live cattle prices across the country. I […] Read more

The new plant located in Boise, Idaho, is expected to attract some of the cows and bulls exported out of Western Canada.

A welcome new cow plant for North America

It’s a rare day when plans are unveiled for a new beef-processing plant in North America. But that’s what happened in early January when two well-known U.S. entities announced plans to build a US$100-million plant near Boise, Idaho. Even more interesting is that it will be a cow plant, the first new one in 10 […] Read more

Pictured above is a Japanese dish called gyutan karaage. Beef tongue is a high-value product offering numerous opportunities to add value in processing.

Editorial: A packer’s view of the meat world

The more access, the better

About a week before Prime Minister Harper signed off on the Korean Free Trade agreement and released the text of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union, Jeff Cline was giving the Canada Beef forum in Toronto a look at how a packer sizes up his various markets. Cline started […] Read more

The announcement of the new Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence drew a crowd of officials. From left to right: Canada Beef president Rob Meijer, directors Mike Kennedy and Jack Hextall, chair Chuck MacLean, Western Economic Diversification Minister Michelle Rempel, Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, and director Jennifer MacDonald. Director Willie van Solkema and Red Deer MP Earl Dreeshen are at the rear.

Labour shortages

CCA Report: TFWs, the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence, and AgriRecovery

The heat was on in the western provinces in July, from both a temperature and political perspective. As the mercury soared in Alberta, representatives from a range of sectors including energy services, oil and gas, cattle, forestry and business turned up the dial in response to the recently announced reforms to the Temporary Foreign Worker […] Read more