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‘Our industry has a clear path to a bright future in the National Beef Strategy.’ – David Haywood-Farmer.

CCA Reports: A roadmap for the beef industry

From the March 2020 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The Canadian Beef Advisors consist of elected leaders and staff representation of the seven national beef organizations responsible for policy, marketing, research and sustainability. They are a diverse group of experienced industry representatives who are responsible for advancing the National Beef Strategy with industry stakeholders, providing recommendations on future direction and reporting results against strategy […] Read more

Comment: Reading the National Beef Strategy

Comment: Reading the National Beef Strategy

The beef industry faces more than its fair of challenges these days. From public perception about beef’s impact on the environment and health to labour shortages to pending regulatory changes around traceability and transportation, you all have your hands full. At the same time, new technology and the disruption to pork production overseas are opportunities […] Read more

Comment: What a meeting!

Unless you’ve been living in a cave since last month you are no doubt aware of the unparalleled success of the inaugural Canadian Beef Industry Conference in Calgary. It made headlines around the country, topped the national Twitter feed, and generally brought smiles to the faces of anyone who was there. It’s rare to have […] Read more

From left: Minister of agriculture, Ralph Eichler, Ramona Blyth, chair of the MBFI board, and Jeffery Fitzpatrick-Stilwell, senior manager of sustainability for McDonald’s Canada.

McDonald’s Canada backs Manitoba research project

Newly established beef and forage research farm recently 
opened its doors to showcase value to sector

McDonald’s Canada sees itself as a longtime partner of the Manitoba beef industry. It contributed $25,000 in February to the Manitoba Beef and Forage Industry for a collaborative project of science-based research to enhance ecosystems, producer profitability and build awareness of the beef and forage industry. One McDonald’s executive says the now-completed pilot is just […] Read more

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NCFA three-pronged strategy sees cattle feeders looking forward

News Roundup from the April 2015 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The National Cattle Feeders’ Association (NCFA) has adopted a three-pronged strategy that zeros in on research, growth and sustainability for cattle feeding in Canada to improve the competitiveness of the industry. One step in this plan is a study by Noblepath Strategic Consulting scheduled for completion late this year that will outline the potential for […] Read more

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The case of Canada’s vanishing cows

Cattle expansion plans still on hold for another year

There were no surprises in the January 1 cattle inventory numbers released last month by Statistics Canada. Despite current prices and a general feeling of optimism bubbling through the industry, producers see no need to expand the cattle population now. We started the year with fewer beef cows (3.8 million), fewer replacement heifers (531,000) and […] Read more

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Sask. looking for beef research ‘centre of excellence’

News Roundup: National Beef Strategy sets targets for industry, and scientists track superbug genes to understand antibiotic resistance

Research Research shakeup proposed for Saskatchewan If Saskatchewan is going to meet its target of raising livestock receipts by 25 per cent it needs everyone pulling in the same direction. As a first step the steering committee set up by the province last April is recommending the creation of a centre of excellence to co-ordinate […] Read more

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Five-year beef plan seeks boosts in demand, efficiency

A new strategy from national and provincial cattle producer and beef marketing agencies has set five-year percentage benchmarks for the industry’s productivity, added value and cost-effectiveness. Canada’s beef sector groups on Wednesday formally released their National Beef Strategy, a guiding document for “how the organizations can work together to best position the Canadian beef industry […] Read more