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A cluster of E. coli bacteria. As an alternative to using antibiotics for fighting E. coli infections in newborn and weaned pigs, scientists are finding promising results from introducing mixes of beneficial bacteria, obtained from other pigs, into the gut of young pigs.

Vet Advice: Exploring the ‘hygiene hypothesis’

As a veterinarian, I wondered for many years if animals and humans could function normally in an environment free of pathogens, free of stress and devoid of all things considered harmful. What might the balance be between not enough and too much? Are city kids raised in a semi-sterile milieu advantaged or disadvantaged compared to […] Read more

a cow with Johne's disease

Disease transmission in livestock is not uniform

The unprecedented increase of emerging infectious diseases in wild and domestic animals and humans does not follow predictable patterns. Disease outbreaks like influenza H5N2 in birds — especially recent incursions of the virus affecting turkeys in Central Canada and Midwestern U.S.; human Ebola in West Africa; equine herpes virus (EHV1) in North America, and five […] Read more