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pioneer man with early model rifle

Pioneer weapons of the Canadian Prairies

History pages reprinted from the December 1946 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Pioneer Weapons By Gwain Hamilton, Regina Sask. ‘In a pioneer country weapons often make the man. This was as true in the Canadian northwest as it was in the roaring turbulent days of the gold rush in Montana and later when the great cattle kingdoms flourished on the Cheyenne and Oregon ranges. With the coming […] Read more

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Western Evangeline

By Senator F.W. Gershaw, December 1947 Canadian Cattlemen

The Bingville country lies northeast of Medicine Hat and the history of the people who settled there is of more than usual interest. Before the First World War started, the land was opened for homesteads. Men waiting at the land office for days and nights to file on quarter sections. When located, they lived as […] Read more