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Dan and Heather Brundige started feeding their purebred bulls a mix of CDC Super Oats and barley last year, with good results.

Ranchers talk turkey about purebred bulls

Two seedstock bull producers share how they develop marketable breeding males

There are many decisions which weigh into raising a saleable purebred bull. Do you focus on weight or conditioning? What kind of feeding program do you need to meet that goal? How do you keep them healthy and productive in the bitter winter conditions common across much of the Prairies? Seedstock producers will likely tell […] Read more

Express Ranches is the largest purebred Angus breeder in North America.

Express Ranches and the Big Event

“I’m a huge supporter of the cowboy ethic and way of life." – Bob Funk, Express Ranches

A mere 45 seconds after the bidding frenzy begins, auctioneer Steve Dorran, a Canadian living in Colorado, bellows “Sold! $80,000!” It is an auspicious start to the fast-paced spectacle that will see more than $5,665,000 change hands in two days. When it comes to cattle sales, they don’t get bigger or better than the annual […] Read more

cows and calf

Have you rotated your breeds lately?

Research on the Record with Reynold Bergen

Before becoming a politician and long before becoming a noted western Canadian historian, Grant McEwan was an animal science professor at the University of Saskatchewan. In 1938, he and A.M. Shaw published “An Experiment in Beef Production in Western Canada” (Scientific Agriculture XIX:177-198), summarizing one of Canada’s first crossbreeding projects. Straightbred two-year-old Angus, Shorthorn, Galloway […] Read more

Blair and Stephanie McIntosh started their Simmental herd in 2003 with six cows, one heifer and a bull.

Stay balanced

Building a seedstock business from scratch

Anyone who raises cattle knows the work is never done, it just changes with the seasons. Raising breeding stock takes that commitment to another level with registrations, shows, and sale preparations often colliding with the start of a new calving season. Despite all of the extras involved, Blair and Stephanie McIntosh knew from the get-go […] Read more

Tim, Daniel and Arno Doerksen.

Getting the genetics right

The Doerksens of Gemstone Cattle Co.

On 1,500 acres in eastern Alberta, Arno, Tim and Daniel Doerksen are hard at work getting ready for their Gemstone Cattle Company’s second annual bull and female sale in Brooks, Alta. in December. The sale will include purebred Hereford and Angus bulls as well as Hereford, Angus and Here­ford-Angus-cross commercial heifers. The Doerksen family has […] Read more

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Locking in purebred cattle traits

The Lafrentz family relied on planned matings and linebreeding to lock in their genetic package

Denise and Vern Lafrentz started out on their own 20 years ago with a goal of raising commercial-style purebred Simmental and Simmental-Angus breeding stock to meet the needs of commercial cattlemen. Along the way, their foresight and commitment to their breeding plan has put their ranch, Wheatland Cattle Co. of Bienfait, Sask., in the limelight […] Read more