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RFID tags can act as a cross-reference to the dangle tag.

Multiple uses for RFID tags

Traceability: There are still many positive uses for the tags

RFID tags can be useful to you, the Canadian cattle producers, as well as for traceability and unique animal identification purposes. More uses are emerging all the time. I will be the first to admit there have been problems in the past such as deadline changes, retainability and in rare cases inability to read them […] Read more

preparing a livestock vaccine

SCA members have their say on livestock antibiotic regulations

Associations: News Roundup from the March 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

A short list of resolutions presented at the Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association (ACA) annual meeting in Saskatoon focused on incoming regulations for antibiotics in livestock and wildfire prevention. Some members were clearly worried by the new requirements that a vet-client relationship be established before drugs are prescribed for livestock. The meeting agreed that the SCA should […] Read more

Glen Kathler holds SAIT’s applied research chair in RFID application development.

A decade of RFID at SAIT

UHF detection progresses to the field-testing stage

Several projects of interest to the beef industry are in progress at the Centre for Innovative Information Technology Solutions, a.k.a. the RADLab at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary, as it rounds out its 10th year of researching advanced RFID applications for livestock. The world-class SAIT RFID test lab is now in […] Read more

Veronica McGuire, executive director of the CFIA’s regulatory and trade policy program.

Mandatory premise ID on CFIA agenda

It is one of the provisions included in planned amendments and regulations

Over the next couple of years, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is moving to improve the effectiveness of Canada’s Livestock Traceability System by nailing down where all classes of livestock are produced, what type of animals they are and where they move. In regulations now being developed, both premise identification and animal movement are […] Read more

branding iron

Protecting your cattle from theft

Corporal Christian Reister, one of Alberta’s two RCMP officers dedicated to livestock files, offers some tips on how to protect your herd on pasture: 1. Branding is the single biggest deterrent and the greatest single piece of evidence the RCMP can use in court because a brand can’t be altered or removed. 2. Watch out […] Read more

cow with ear identification tag

Comment: Traceability, again

In his column in our May issue of Canadian Cattlemen, Dan Darling of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association raises a red flag over the traceability regulation Ottawa plans to Gazette by the end of this year. Well, maybe not, according to Darling. His basic message is that the cattle industry can’t implement what Ottawa wants and remain […] Read more