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Cattle graze at the Waldron Ranch Grazing Co-op, which encompasses 65,000 acres.

Historic ranch provides top grazing opportunities for cattle

Waldron Ranch has been a cattle producer’s paradise since Duncan McNab McEachran established it in 1883

You know a winter range is excellent grazing land when a cow will cross every fence she can to get there. Mike Roberts, manager of the Waldron Ranch Grazing Co-op, pointed out a herd of cows grazing in low-lying pastures while hosting participants of the Canadian Forage and Grassland Association’s pre-conference tour in November. This […] Read more

History: Old Walrond Ranche has New Owner

Reprinted from the June 1951 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

By Guy Weadick More than one observer lately has pointed out that ranching properties in Alberta are becoming harder to obtain than ever before. Also their children carry on, or else operate ranches of their own, earlier obtained. When a ranch of any size today is sold to someone from a distance, it is something […] Read more

History: The Corral

Reprinted from the September 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The Corral By Guy Weadick, High River, Alta. Two of the oldest cattle ranches in Western Canada changed ownership about the first of August. Both are in the High River, Alta., district and were sold in the closing out of the estate of late Senator Pat Burns. One was the famous Bar U, which was […] Read more

History: A Ranch Calendar, Pt. 2

Reprinted from the December 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Above are the last six months of the ranch calendar drawings by Canadian Cattlemen artist Bert Smith that were exhibited at the Western Stock Growers Association’s 54th Annual Convention.

All in on year-round grazing

Stephen Hughes’ family has operated the Chinook Ranch near Longview, Alta., since the late 1940s. It consists of 5,000 acres, roughly half in Crown lands, and most of it in tall grass prairie to carry 500 cows year-round plus 500 yearlings in the summer. It was a traditional operation, raising hay to carry the cows […] Read more

History: Ottawa Letter

Reprinted from the June 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Ottawa Letter By Senator F.W. Gershaw  The venture of grazing cattle on the prairies of southern Alberta started in 1880 by a few enterprising cattlemen bringing in herds from Montana. These cattle were turned loose to rustle a living the year round without any provision for their food or shelter, beyond what nature afforded. This […] Read more

History: A Ranch Calendar

Reprinted from the June 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Pictured above is a ranch calendar depicting ranch scenes in-season for half the year. This series was prepared by Bert Smith, Canadian Cattlemen artist, and exhibited for the first time at the 54th Annual Convention of the Western Stock Growers Association, held in Calgary, Alta. on February 9 and 10, 1950.

A sampler of ranchers’ views on 2017

As might be expected, their plans range from expansion to standing pat and retirement

Rebuilding and expanding herds, or staying about the same — that seems to be what western Canadian ranchers have in mind as they head into 2017. Despite a sharp downturn in the cattle markets in 2016, only one member of this Ranchers’ Panel was talking about downsizing, with retirement in mind. The 2016 fall market […] Read more

Calving fits with year-round grazing at Chinook Ranch

Longview, Alta. ranch in operation since 1950

Stephen Hughes raises beef cattle near Longview, in southwestern Alberta. “Our family has been here since the late 1940s. My grandfather came from England in 1928 and had this ranch put together by 1950. My dad, Jim, is still involved in the day-to-day management of the ranch. I am third generation, and when I got […] Read more

Old-time Alberta cattlemen: (l-r) Lem Sexsmith, Billy Henry, John Fisher (CBC) and E.A. Cartwright.

History: Edwin Aubrey Cartwright of the D Ranch (Part 2)

Abridged from the May 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Edwin Aubrey Cartwright of the D Ranch (Part 2) By Guy Weadick, High River, Alta. The 86 ranch was established in the middle ’80s when George Lane, then range boss for the Bar U outfit, staked out his homestead along the banks of Pekisko Creek, hired a couple of men to get out logs and […] Read more