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Photo: Alberta Agriculture

Eight things to look for in your soil test report

When you understand your soil reports, you’re in a better position to develop fertilizer plans with your agronomist. All soil testing labs report the same basic information, but each lab has its own unique format. No matter what your report looks like, first, check the information at the top: your name, address, field name, etc.[...]
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This 2009 photo of alfalfa plots highlights the long-term consequences of neglecting soil phosphorus. The alfalfa in the front of the photo received composted beef cattle manure after years of receiving no phosphorus. The alfalfa at the back of the plot did not receive any additional phosphorus and has suffered dramatically. (Martin Entz photo)

Minogue: Rebalance your fields’ phosphorus bank accounts

While your crop rotations and your seeding practices have evolved into something your grandfather might not recognize, recommended phosphorous guidelines for Manitoba farmers haven’t changed in more than 20 years. Over the past year, Manitoba soil fertility experts came together to fill this gap. John Heard (Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development), Cindy Grant (Agriculture[...]
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