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Smoke hangs over a pasture in a dry year. Maintaining perennial systems is critical to avoiding more carbon losses to the atmosphere, says Denis Angers.

Perennial forage systems offer environmental, production benefits

More research is needed to better understand the effects of specific management practices in forage production under Canadian conditions

By optimizing the amount of carbon returned to the soil, forage production can play a major role in carbon sequestration while improving soil quality. Not only does this benefit yield, it has environmental advantages. “Soils contain two to three times more carbon than the vegetation or atmosphere, and that’s why we talk about soil carbon […] Read more

The Cliftons’ herd includes Salers, Angus and Hereford genetics.

2019 TESA winners are here for the long run

Clifton Ranch is working to make their operation more efficient while using cattle to maintain the health of their valley

Sustainable management projects introduced on the Clifton Ranch aren’t quick fixes. These efforts take time and are meant to create lasting benefits. Given the importance the Clifton family places on caring for the grasslands and running an efficient, profitable beef operation, it’s time well spent. After being chosen by the British Columbia Cattlemen’s Association (BCCA) […] Read more

A pasture after three years of intensive grazing management, with higher stock density and longer rest periods.

Restoring depleted soils with cattle

Adding grazing back into the equation increases soil organic matter, doubles forage production

Michael Thiele’s mission today is to acquaint more farmers and ranchers with a holistic view of agriculture. Thiele grew up on a farm west of Dauphin, Man., just north of Riding Mountain National Park. His father had a small grain farm and a few cows. “We were busy trying to farm and make a living […] Read more

Steve Kenyon preaching the good word at an ag conference.

Just preaching the good word

From the Ground Up with Steve Kenyon

But which word is the good one? We have so many in our industry. Many years ago I was introduced to holistic resource management and my world changed. Allan Savory was preaching about better grazing management, desertification and climate change long before any of us were even in the game. “The Word” at the time […] Read more

Be a soil farmer

When I first started farming, I bought some cows. I was a cattle farmer. I eventually figured out that if I could take good care of the grass, it would take care of the cattle. When I determined the cattle were simply a tool to manage the grass, I became a grass farmer. A few […] Read more

The first thing to plant to improve your pastures is more posts.

Spring is here: What to plant?

A very common question that I receive at many of my conferences or seminars is, “What should we plant?” They are of course referring to the type of forage species to seed into their overgrazed pastures? This might seem like a pretty straightforward question but I always catch producers off guard with my answer. They […] Read more

This is what one field looked like before I took it over. See what it looks like three years later (picture below).

Are you a good steward of the land?

In agriculture, we pride ourselves on our lifestyle. We are ranchers or farmers and we view ourselves differently than our urban cousins. We take credit for being “Stewards of the Land.” We harvest what we sow and work with nature to feed the world. This all sounds warm and fuzzy, but I think that this […] Read more

Jim Lintott

Patience pays with grass-finished beef

Retail-level profits for 30-month-old beef more than double that of 18-month-old beef

In the grass-finished beef business, keeping a yearling an extra year is worth the wait. In fact, one could hardly afford to do otherwise, because those extra 12 months can mean the difference between profit and loss, Jim Lintott told a presentation on grass-fed beef production at Manitoba Ag Days. Lintott, a grass-finisher and marketer […] Read more