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Ceres Tag CEO David Smith with tag and applicator.

Satellite ear tags for livestock coming to Canada

Canadian producers involved in international trial of Australian-based direct-to-satellite smart ear tag

When Heather Mundt sought an alternative to branding, a new livestock ear tag in development on the other side of the world opened the door for new management decision possibilities. Heather and her husband Brenton, who run a cow-calf operation and grain farm at Oyen, Alta., were interested in GPS ear tags for identification and […] Read more

Researchers seek producer feedback on environmental assessment software

Researchers are taking a deeper look at practices that affect soil carbon and the role of wetlands in the fourth version of Holos, which allows producers to calculate their greenhouse gas emissions

A new version of an on-farm environmental assessment software is in the works, and researchers are looking for producer feedback. Scientists at Lethbridge’s Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research and Development Centre are enhancing the whole-farm Holos model software for measuring and assessing the environmental impact of Canadian agricultural management practices, with full release anticipated by […] Read more

Church suggests the new Mavic Mini drone as a training drone. It retails for less than $500 and has a range of four kilometres. It also weighs less than 250 grams, so it doesn’t require a license from Transport Canada to fly it.

What to know before investing in a drone

Flight safety, training and stockmanship will help you get the most out of adding a drone to your operation

With many agricultural uses, drones are becoming one of the top new tools to catch the attention of beef producers. If you’re unsure where to begin, there are several areas to consider before investing in a drone of your own. Dr. John Church, associate professor in the faculty of science at Thompson Rivers University, works […] Read more

Blockchain may offer a chance for consumers to feel more connected to their food from pasture to plate.

Blockchain for the beef chain

Meat: News Roundup from the December 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The IBM brand isn’t often associated with the cattle business. But that may change, thanks to the tech giant’s IBM Food Trust and its use of blockchain. That’s just what it sounds like: blocks of information that form a chain, linked via internet to allow information sharing that is seamless, efficient and secure. Its primary […] Read more

VIDEO: Keeping an eye on your livestock water supply

Ag in Motion 2018: Now, there's an app for that

For her presentation, “Keeping No. 2 out of your No. 1 water source,” at Ag in Motion last month, Alicia Sopatyk with Saskatchewan Agriculture spoke about options for livestock producers such as permanent or electric fencing to maintain a sustainable and clean water supply. But for a look in real time as to how that […] Read more

Will more cattle data really mean more cash?

Three feedlot operators offer their take on what technology has to offer

Technology has advanced so quickly during the past decade that even young feedlot operators can reminisce about times when a long day’s work at the family feedyard involved boxes of index cards, drawers of file folders and buckets full of chop. The question of the day for a panel of three producers at the 2017 […] Read more

Statement of claim

Straight from the hip with Brenda Schoepp

The oil and gas industry in Canada should be taking note of the potential change in fossil fuel use in the future. China has just announced its proposal to ban the production and sale of fossil fuel in the near future. The country produces and sells 28 million cars annually and is a major market […] Read more

Seeding smartphone tips

Cellphones have been dubbed “smartphones” but sometimes the way folks are addicted to them causes dumb problems. I’ve read three articles that suggest that cellphones are creating isolation, poorer communication and less robust relationships. Stress rises when there is a million-dollar crop to get in the ground, excess moisture, and too many jobs for the[...]
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VIDEO: Driverless tractors and open-source software

Reimer Robotics takes first prize in Manitoba Ag Days Inventors' Showcase

Matthew Reimer was as surprised as anyone when he was awarded first prize for his driverless tractor system at Manitoba Ag Days in Brandon on Jan. 20, but his invention is worthy of the title. The Inventors’ Showcase winner, and president of Reimer Robotics, has built a system to move tractors – driverless no less, with[...]
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Measuring feed quality in the field

A new system allows for bale-by-bale feed value testing

In challenging economic times it is more important than ever to know the value of the alfalfa forage you are feeding your dairy or beef cattle. Whether you are blending alfalfa in a ration to maximize lactation, fertility and calf growth, or utilizing lesser-quality hay for dry cattle or replacements, you want to know that[...]
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