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The U.S. meat and livestock industry has a comprehensive price reporting system that is the envy of the world.

Kay: Price reporting invaluable to livestock and meat industries

Prime Cuts with Steve Kay

Good market information, particularly regarding prices, is the lifeblood of the livestock and meat industry, in which millions of dollars change hands every day of the week. “Good” information, however, must be accurate and unbiased, as comprehensive as possible, timely and easily accessible, and understood by all market participants. Today’s cattle producers throughout Canada can […] Read more

Meat processors are taking extra steps to reduce the risk of the coronavirus. (File photo).

In the blink of an eye

Nutrition with John McKinnon

Writing this column is somewhat of a reflective event, as it is the last column I will write as a member of the University of Saskatchewan agriculture faculty. I have been blessed to have worked at the U of S for 32 years, the last 26 of which I have served as the Saskatchewan Beef […] Read more

An animal health tale about us

Animal Health: News Roundup from the October 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

October. The cattle come off the mountain pastures and the prairie grasslands into the corrals where the calves will be separated from their mothers. The lucky ones will stay on the farm or ranch as replacement breeding stock or be fed on the home place so the stress of weaning is minimal. Others will be […] Read more

Events begin shaping trade with the U.S.

Free Market Reflections with Steve Dittmer

As Canadians who closely follow American politics know, the Democrats have not suffered their loss gracefully. But it’s not party hacks but citizens who suffer from obstructionist tactics. Of the 4,000 or so appointments needing Senate confirmation, only two or three dozen had been confirmed by mid-April. One of those delays could definitely affect trade […] Read more

Dissenting over carcass grading yield classes

The manager of the Canadian Beef Grading Agency is not enamored with USDA yield grades

If the stars align as predicted sometime this spring over 700 pages of regulations regarding agricultural products controlled under the new Safe Food for Canadians Act will pass through the hurdles of Canada Gazette I and II and come into force. The act itself was approved by Parliament in November but doesn’t really become empowered […] Read more