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Foot-and-mouth disease is regularly found in many parts of the world and threatens Canada’s livestock industry.

Much to learn about foot-and-mouth disease: Part 1

Vet Advice with Dr. Ron Clarke

This article is the first of a series of three dealing with foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and emergency planning. Through May and June of 2020, 88 veterinarians and registered animal health technologists from across Canada and the U.S. participated in a series of webinars dealing with the control of FMD. A panel of experts from the […] Read more

Call your vet before you go to clinic during COVID-19

Different vet clinics have adopted different protocols

Animal welfare is paramount during COVID-19 — but so is human health. That’s why Darrell Dalton, registrar of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, recommends you call ahead before you go to your vet. “Different practices have taken different measures and different steps,” he said. “Some of the small practices are limiting the number of people […] Read more

Yukon to help cover livestock vets’ travel costs

The Yukon government has launched a pilot program to help cover veterinarians’ travel and service expenses for farm calls. The territory government on Tuesday announced it will accept up to 30 farmers for the pilot of the Veterinary Services Program, running from now to the end of March 2016. The program will reimburse participating veterinarians […] Read more

Antimicrobial resistance tug of war stands in the way of progress

The tug of war between government’s discounted ability to mount a meaningful defence against antimicrobial resistance (AMR), recent accusations that pull the ethical and professional conduct of food animal veterinarians offside, and the reality that we may be losing the battle against antibacterial resistance hinders the progress toward resolution. Three recent events highlight the tug […] Read more

“We hypothesized that because the heifers were still growing, their vitamin E needs would be higher.” – Dr. Lacey FowLer
viking veterinary CliniC

Case of vitamin deficiency in calves cracked

High mortality isn’t normally associated with vitamin deficiencies, but for one Alberta producer, stressful winter weather may have been the tipping point. The family lost 22 of the 70 calves born to heifers during the 2013 calving season. Getting the Viking Veterinary Clinic involved from the outset, when unexplained deaths started happening early in the […] Read more

Anatoly Petruk hams it up in a video aimed at winning an bovine ultrasound for Vadim Pryadko.

Alberta cattle vet helps vet in Ukraine in contest bid for Easi-Scan

Social media and the hashag #VoteForVadim puts Pryadko in final six

It started with an online friendship between two cattle veterinarians. Even though he doesn’t speak a word of Ukrainian, Airdrie vet Cody Creelman, was drawn to the online videos of Vadim Pryadko, who lives in a town called Khmelnitsky near the Polish border. “We developed a relationship,” said Creelman. “We started talking about what type […] Read more