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Constellation tightens grip on Canopy with CEO appointment

Reuters — Constellation Brands finance head David Klein will take over in January as CEO of pot producer Canopy Growth Corp., hardening up the Corona beer maker’s control of a company into which it has sunk US$4 billion. Klein was appointed Canopy chairman in October after Constellation booked a $430 million net loss related to […] Read more


Pot producer Canopy Growth to stop expanding in Canada

Reuters — Canopy Growth Corp. on Thursday reported a wider-than-expected quarterly loss on soaring expenses and said it would not make any large investments to expand in Canada amid surplus supply and tepid demand for weed and weed products. The decision to hold expansion plans follows a wave of enthusiastic spending by marijuana companies to […] Read more

Mogulones crucifer root weevil on houndstongue. This root weevil has been highly successful in 
controlling houndstongue in British Columbia.

Using insects to control invasive weeds on pasture

Houndstongue biocontrol project in B.C. has been highly successful

Once invasive plants reach a point of domination, elimination is generally not feasible. Land managers sometimes turn to biologic control, a last resort for reducing a widespread weed’s populations to below an economic or environmental damage threshold. Eradicating the weed may be impossible, but biocontrol agents may reduce it to manageable levels. Since 1951, 82 […] Read more

Palmer amaranth. (United Soybean Board photo)

North Dakota still on lookout for Palmer amaranth

CNS Canada –– Officials in North Dakota continue to hunt down suspicious plants in a bid to keep the aggressive weed Palmer amaranth from establishing there. Palmer amaranth, a pigweed species, made its first confirmed appearance in North Dakota last month, in a soybean field in McIntosh County, in the south-central area of the state. […] Read more

Some buyers refuse to take animals with burrs to avoid the risk of taking burdock seeds back to their ranch.

Beating back burdock

Invasive weed species can affect both pasture and profit

Burdock is an invasive plant that causes problems for livestock and crops, and is generally considered a noxious weed. The tall burdock plant, a native of Eurasia, is a biennial, which means it lives for two growing seasons. The first year, it merely grows leaves and accumulates food reserves in its roots, like a carrot. […] Read more

We harvest weeds!

We harvest weeds!

I say it all the time. There is no such thing as a weed. All plants have a purpose. But what happens quite often is that particular type of plant will take over an area. This is because the conditions are favouring it. The “weeds” or undesirable plants are a symptom of an underlying problem. Address […] Read more

Marj Veno near Hanna, Alta.

Absinth. An obnoxious weed for pastures

As the rains of 2010 brought signs of an end to a battering 10-year drought, Marj Veno could see that absinth wormwood was getting the upper hand in pastures around the ranch’s home place northeast of Hanna, Alta. Absinth first reared its ugly yellow-flowered head in the pasture west of the yard on the old […] Read more