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A map of the Bighorn Country proposal. There would be one large provincial park (Bighorn Wildland) along with three smaller ones (David Thompson, Ya Ha Tinda, and North Saskatchewan River). The largest area on the map is the proposed West Country Public Land Use Zone. A second such zone, Kiska/Willson, already exists but would have enlarged boundaries. Within the Kiska/Willson zone would be four provincial recreation areas: Bighorn Dam, Snow Creek, and Shunda (in the upper part of the zone) and Hummingbird in the middle.

Western Stock Growers’ Association weighs in on land use proposal

News Roundup: Bighorn Country proposal could create a larger parks area with multiple designations

The Western Stock Growers’ Association is joining the conversation around a controversial land use proposal in Alberta. The provincial government’s Bighorn Country proposal, a project that could create a larger parks area with multiple designations, was one of the issues discussed at the WSGA’s annual general meeting, held March 12 at Red Deer, Alta. This […] Read more

Comment: Time for a change

December is a time to tie up loose ends and get ready to start afresh in the new year. So it seemed to me this was an ideal time to wrap up my time as editor of this historic publication. Next month this space will be given over to your new editor, Lisa Guenther of […] Read more

History: Alberta’s Grazing Policy

Reprinted from the March 1951 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

By Kenneth Coppock Members of the Western Stock Growers’ Association in Convention recently in Lethbridge listened with great attention to Alberta’s Minister of Lands and Forests review the Province’s grazing policy over a six year period or since its inauguration January 1st, 1945. The Minister, who incidentally stands in high favor with the stockmen, not […] Read more

Clerical error threatened water rights of southern Alberta ranchers

Environment: News Roundup from the April 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Historic water rights became a source of contention for ranchers relying on the Milk River watershed this winter, due to what provincial officials are now calling a bureaucratic error. Last December several ranchers in the Milk River basin received letters from Alberta Environment and Parks (AE&P) cancelling their traditional water rights applications, which were submitted […] Read more

History: A Ranch Calendar, Pt. 2

Reprinted from the December 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Above are the last six months of the ranch calendar drawings by Canadian Cattlemen artist Bert Smith that were exhibited at the Western Stock Growers Association’s 54th Annual Convention.

History: A Ranch Calendar

Reprinted from the June 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Pictured above is a ranch calendar depicting ranch scenes in-season for half the year. This series was prepared by Bert Smith, Canadian Cattlemen artist, and exhibited for the first time at the 54th Annual Convention of the Western Stock Growers Association, held in Calgary, Alta. on February 9 and 10, 1950.

Old-time Alberta cattlemen: (l-r) Lem Sexsmith, Billy Henry, John Fisher (CBC) and E.A. Cartwright.

History: Edwin Aubrey Cartwright of the D Ranch (Part 2)

Abridged from the May 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Edwin Aubrey Cartwright of the D Ranch (Part 2) By Guy Weadick, High River, Alta. The 86 ranch was established in the middle ’80s when George Lane, then range boss for the Bar U outfit, staked out his homestead along the banks of Pekisko Creek, hired a couple of men to get out logs and […] Read more

History: Association’s 54th Convention Historic

Reprinted from the March 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Association’s 54th Convention Historic  By Lorne Stout, Calgary, Alta. ‘Giving a display of independence and individuality for which they have long been noted, members of the Western Stock Growers’ Association, pioneer agricultural organization in Western Canada, voted all but unanimously at their 54th annual convention in Calgary against government intervention in their business. The ranchers […] Read more

History: Alberta’s Horn Penalty and Fund

Abridged from the January 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Alberta’s Horn Penalty and Fund By Kenneth Coppock Alberta has given some good leads and some bad ones to the other western provinces. In the matter of the horn penalty we are convinced that the lead given was definitely bad. A brief historical review should be of interest. Over a long period Canadian packers pointed […] Read more