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Dr. Nora Paulovich draws water from the dugout into a solar powered Kelln waterer on her family’s ranch. Freezing around the inlet has been a concern.

Winter water systems for cattle

Keeping livestock water ice-free can be a challenge during colder months. In some pastures water availability is also an issue. Dr. Nora Paulovich with the North Peace Applied Research Association (NPARA) in northern Alberta says her family ranch uses a system that brings water from a dugout into an insulated trough nearby. It uses a […] Read more

Cattle drinking from a frost-free nose pump.

Winter water systems for cattle

Frost-free nose pumps and solar energy help keep water from freezing

Winter water for cattle can be a challenge in cold weather, especially in regions without electricity for running a pump or tank heaters. There are several options including solar power and the frost-free nose pump. George Widdifield, ranch manager at the Western Beef Development Centre’s research ranch at Lanigan, Sask., says their operation utilizes frost-free […] Read more