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Pulse Report: AGT Foods Australia wins agribusiness award

By Commodity News Service Canada Winnipeg, October 20 (CNS) – AGT Foods Australia has won the national award for agribusiness at the Premier of Queensland Export Awards. The award honoured the contribution AGT has made to the agricultural export industry in Australia. AGT exports lentils, chickpeas, yellow peas, fababeans and broad beans from Australia. Fababean […] Read more

Pulse Report: U.S. bean exports to Central America increase

By Commodity News Service Canada Winnipeg, October 19 (CNS) – United States dry bean exports to Central America are continuing an upward trend, according to the U.S. Dry Bean Council. Exports to Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador and Guatemala are all up significantly this year. Exports to Panama are up over 60 per cent to […] Read more

Pulse Report: South Dakota funds specialty crop research

By Commodity News Service Canada Winnipeg, October 18 (CNS) – The South Dakota Department of Agriculture has awarded around $290,000 to six speciality crop projects in the state. The funds come from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Speciality Crop Block Grant Program. Some of the special crops grown in South Dakota include lentils, chickpeas […] Read more

Pulse Report: Dry bean harvest almost complete in U.S.

By Commodity News Service Canada Winnipeg, October 17 (CNS) – Dry bean harvest is almost complete across the northern United States according to the Northarvest Bean Growers Association. Harvest is complete in Idaho, Washington and Oregon. Dry bean harvest is 96 per cent complete in Minnesota, 94 per cent in North Dakota, 84 per cent […] Read more

Pulse Report: Alberta town could become home to lentil plant

By Commodity News Service Canada Winnipeg, October 16 (CNS) – The Alberta town of Oyen, about 200 kilometres north of Medicine Hat, is set to break ground this month on the first phase of a new transportation hub. The first phase of the project is focused on upgrading existing train tracks, construction of new train […] Read more

Pulse Report: Pulse Australia ups lentil estimate

By Commodity News Service Canada WINNIPEG, Oct. 12 (CNS Canada) – Australian farmers could be about to produce almost 30 per cent more lentils than what was earlier forecast by the Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics and Sciences. Pulse Australia’s forecast for the country’s 2017 lentil production was pegged at 540,000 tonnes. That’s […] Read more

Pulse Report: Central Manitoba pintos yield well

By Commodity News Service Canada Oct. 11 (CNS Canada) – Central Manitoba’s edible bean harvest is about 95 per cent complete, according to the latest crop report issued by Manitoba Agriculture. Yields are reported as above average. Pinto beans range from 1,800 to 3,500 pounds/acre, with an average of around 2,000-2,200 lb./acre. The North Dakota […] Read more

Pulse Report: Drawn-out monsoon affecting India’s crops

By Commodity News Service Canada Oct. 10 (CNS Canada) – While late September rains caused problems with India’s kharif harvest, it is likely to benefit the upcoming rabi crop, said the country’s agricultural secretary Shobhana K. Pattanayak. Seeding of the rabi crop is expected to get underway in the next two weeks. Total rainfall for […] Read more

Pulse Report: USDA starts safety net payments to producers

By Commodity News Service Canada Winnipeg, October 6 (CNS) – The USDA has started paying out over $9.6 billion in farm safety net and conservation payments for Agriculture Risk Coverage, Price Loss Coverage and Conservation Reserve Program payments. Payments are being made to producers who enrolled base acres of lentils, dry beans and many other […] Read more

Pulse Report: North Dakota bean harvest on schedule

Winnipeg, October 5 (CNS) – The North Dakota dry bean harvest is on schedule with years past at approximately 71 per cent combined as of Monday. However the dry bean harvest in Minnesota is ahead of schedule. In Australia, nine new extension groups are being set up to teach producers about growing chickpeas and lentils. […] Read more