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Spirited View – for May. 16, 2011

Well it’s finally upon us — spring! Although it took until April to get a reprieve from winter, the fields and pastures around our place now look more like the Everglades. It’s a welcome sight after the drought we had last summer. April reminds me of the calm before the storm. There is always so […] Read more

Let Them Eat Cake

I have been following a lot of discussions and reading many articles in recent weeks weighing up the long-term profit potential of the recent rise in feeder and fed cattle prices. Everywhere you look, food prices are rising and up to now the only ones I have heard complaining are the TV talking heads sensationalizing […] Read more

SPIRITED VIEW – for Mar. 14, 2011

From a dismal “when should I disperse?” attitude to jubilation and “how can I expand?” all in less than six months. It’s amazing how the attitude of an entire industry can change so quickly. Looking back it is reminiscent of an old Western: the cow-calf producers making a last stand, holding on while many are […] Read more

SPIRITED VIEW – for Feb. 14, 2011

I don’t know how better to describe the recommendations of the Canada Beef Working Group (CBWG). Rather than work to improve the Beef Information Centre (BIC) and Canada Beef Export Federation (CBEF), this group has decided to scrap both our domestic and international marketing organizations and start from scratch. It should not be a surprise. […] Read more

“Choices Or Consolidation”

Political correctness is an odd state for the beef industry. In an industry that prides itself on the frontier image of the independent rancher unafraid to say what is right or wrong 21st century cattlemen seem most at home in a flock. Maybe it’s more a sign of our times and culture but I keep […] Read more

A Tale Of Hunting Retail

Living in the hinterland of northwest Alberta I often get asked if I do a lot of hunting. My answer is yes my hunting season starts the first week of September and lasts till the first week of December and then the season starts again mid-January and runs through till the end of March. They […] Read more