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Market Insight: Chickpea production down

Statistics Canada is estimating chickpea production at 108,000 tonnes. As with most other pulse types, this report only lists total chickpea seeded acreage, and Statistics Canada will only give a breakdown by type later in the year. As a result, it is difficult to estimate an accurate production breakdown at this time. Based on reported […] Read more

Market Insight: World waits on Canadian durum

Canadian durum wheat plantings for 2008 exceeded six million acres. Record 2007 prices and improved agronomics seemed enough to encourage farmers to increase seeded area of the crop. The global durum market has been eagerly anticipating a big increase in Canadian production this year. In fact, a large part of the global market outlook hinges […] Read more

Market Insight: StatsCan estimates barley production

The latest Statistics Canada report estimated barley production at 10.88 million metric tonnes, larger than most trade estimates, due to bigger yield and harvested area numbers. The increase in harvested percentage is likely impacted by attractive malt barley returns and struggles in the livestock sector, while the higher predicted yields are consistent with recent reports […] Read more

Markets recover off recent lows

Futures markets have recovered sharply since the lows established in the days leading up to the August 12th United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) report. Corn, canola, wheat and soybean futures prices have moved $1 – $1.50 per bushel higher in less than two weeks. Oats are up a bit as well, although not to […] Read more

Market Insight: India’s pulse plantings delayed

Recent reports out of India hint at some improvement of pulse plantings but still estimate a significant drop in production in the world’s leading pulse producer and consumer. Reports estimated delayed plantings due to sporadic and insufficient rainfall of between 3.7 million and five million acres by late July, though most expect at least half […] Read more

Market Insight: Markets shed weather premium

A combination of improving crop conditions, negative chart patterns, fund selling and a $20 per barrel drop in crude oil have left buyers content to sit on the sidelines for the time being, leading to a continued grain and oilseed market slide that began in early July. This week’s crop conditions report from the U.S. […] Read more

Market Insight: Canola prices remain volatile

November futures had spent the last month trading within a $40 per tonne range before being dragged lower this week, as both canola fundamentals and outside markets influence prices. Concerns about crop conditions, relatively good exports, and domestic crush being on pace to set a new record this crop year have provided some support to […] Read more

Market Insight: Oat supply seen adequate

Although the area seeded to oats in Canada is down 19 per cent in 2008, the market should remain fairly well supplied in 2008-09. Both the Canadian and U.S. crops are generally in good shape; there is a fairly large carry-in from the 2007-08 crop year, and North American processor demand remains flat. There is […] Read more